Aligned And Awakened Women

"When I first started with Susan I was tired, broken, and stuck. 

The shift in my mindset that occurred while working with Susan was remarkable. 

I began to come out of the dark place that I was in and gravitate towards the light. 

I let go of all of the things that tied me down to an unhappy life and began to manifest all that I wanted my life to truly be. 

In the moment I did not see how manifestation would work but I knew I could no longer stay in the place that I was in. 

I left a job that I could not stand to have to wake up and go to every morning, began focusing on my well-being, shifted my mindset, and started the process of ridding negativity from my life. 

Susan supported and guided me through this entire process. 

Today I can say that I am genuinely happy. 

I have a job that I love, my health and fitness is currently the best its been in my entire life, I have fostered amazing relationships, and overall I finally feel free from my old life. 

I realized that I can manifest anything I want, and when you want a total transformation you have to be willing to do the hard work. 

Not every day is going to be easy, but Susan taught me that there is a lot to learn about yourself in those hard moments. 

To finally experience true happiness, gratitude, and love is something I wish all could experience. 

For me, it all started with my first meeting with Susan."

Amanda Yannarelli
New York

"I highly recommend Susan’s Love Yourself Retreat to any woman in need of reconnecting with themselves and with the world.

I expected Rest & Relaxation, but what I received was a much greater gift. Our week really focused on Restoration & Re-energizing, and it was not a solo journey.

The deep connection I made with all of the women present enriched the experience even further.

The week was structured around daily themes. Susan’s guidance during group life coaching sessions, Janet’s incredible custom-crafted yoga classes, coordinated daily excursions, and holistic relaxation treatments, all supported each days topic of exploration. Not only did it create fun & interesting ways to learn, but also invited us to engage with each other and with our surroundings.

I spend so much of my day to day life focused on my kids and my team at work. I’ve never before given myself time to focus so fully on me. I now have better tools to be emotionally healthy and present.

I would recommend this experience to any woman who feels overwhelmed in their life, especially if they spend much of their energy care-giving to others. If you need to re-connect with yourself & your values, you’ll find the guidance and connection you seek in Susan’s retreat. I look forward to doing it again!"

Anna States

"I don’t have words to express how grateful I am, or how relieved, energized and revived I feel.

I found the Olga I was looking for for a long time, and I could have never found her without this retreat, without the girls, and without Susan.

I just think this is the best gift any woman can give to herself.

It’s worth it and it’s guided 100% of the way."

Olga Olivares
United States

"The Love Yourself Retreat was a life enhancing and healing paradise.

I had no expectations when I joined the retreat but it was a big pleasant surprise and real awakening.

I had the honor of meeting beautiful strangers which ended with having a time of a lifetime with heart bonding sisters!

Susan is an expert at her craft, an amazing teaching who knows what she teaches about. 

Susan set a relaxed, friendly, and goddess ambience.  She was able to get me to release, relinquish and rescind negativity in my life and focus on what I’ve overcome, what’s working, and how to transform my thinking and speaking into loving, speaking up, honoring myself, and manifesting what serves me in a loving way into my life.

This was truly a life enhancing program which far exceeded my expectations.

I put my trust into Susan’s hands and guidance for my healing.

This was a unique experience which not only enhanced my mental and spiritual well being, but also the physical and cultural with daily yoga classes (which deserves its own separate review!), wellness services and excursions tailored to my holistic needs.

Needs that I wasn’t even totally aware of myself, but were there as I had some unexpected emotions come to surface during the workshop and realized that I have something to heal. 

This experience enlightened me and helped me reconnect to my inner guidance. 

The venue was amazing, beautiful ambiance, comfortable, clean and setup perfectly for group interactions. The on-site Chef was simply the bomb, as I’m not vegetarian and he and his staff made delicious food even for a carnivore like myself, ha ha. 

We even experienced a native tezmazcal which was an amazing healing adventure just in itself. 

This retreat was both energizing and calming. I’ve brought back tools in which I can follow up at home to extend what I learnt and experienced.

I know that this retreat has given me far more than a few days recharging in paradise.

This week and in the near term I will be full of reflections, work and growth thanks to this beautiful experience.

It was an enriching antidote to a very difficult year. I will never forget it! 

Thank you Susan, I am so grateful that I gave myself the magical gift of this retreat. "

Melody Jones
United States

"When I first started working with Susan, I was stuck in patterns of lack and low self worth.

I had great idea/s for a business I wanted to create, but each time I started to work on it, I would get those creeping doubts set in and start to wonder why I was bothering at all.

I was letting my self beliefs run the show and not living at my highest potential.

Through working with Susan, I was able to come back to the fundamental principles of self care, self belief and just giving things a go.

Susan encouraged me to keep moving through fear and making the steps to create the life I want.

Susan has helped me to keep believing in myself and to keep doing the things I do best.

I have learnt that the work life balance is a myth and if you are loving your work - then it doesn’t feel like ‘work’ at all. It is just part of your big bold life.

Susan is a caring, grounded and compassionate coach who can quickly bring you back to yourself, to cut through the stories and bring you back to who you are and what the next step is for you - all from her Mexican villa!

Thank you Susan x"

Chloe Hild

"Susan! You are an amazing human.

I love how you are a mix of softness and wisdom, it made me feel so supported and trusting of you in our sessions.

I was always able to unravel all that I was feeling even though I have always had problems expressing myself.

Things were stuck and you helped me move them.

I felt energised and excited after EVERY session with you.

You helped me find my passion, my confidence and my clarity.

You held the light for me so I could see where I was and where I wanted to go.

I’m forever grateful "

Ayse Ali

"I began working with Susan to clear some blocks that were preventing me from fully expressing myself in my life and business.

What I loved about working with Susan was the space she held for my exploration to take place and the clarity she brought into the sessions that I was not able to see.
Her process not only works to deepen you into your true self, it is also nurturing, compassionate and supportive.

I came out of my sessions feeling lighter, more certain and confident, which could be felt by people around me.

I now see that my change is permanent and it’s having such a wonderful impact in my personal life and my business.

Thank you, Susan!"

Jackie Katsikis
Founder and Lead Facilitator of the Roar Journey

"When I first started working with Susan I was feeling quite stuck and low in energy.

After starting to work with Susan I was able to move through whatever was going on for me and started to feel a bit lighter each week.

I was able to get unstuck and back to feeling connected to myself again.

Susan holds a really beautiful, non-judgemental space for you to fully drop in and let go of whatever is holding you back.

I’ve loved working with Susan so far and if you’re feeling stuck I highly encourage you to reach out to her."

Michella Vornovaty
Emotion And Energy Clearing Practitioner

"When I started working with Susan I was about to launch my business. At the time I was feeling excited about my future but I couldn’t see how it ‘fit’ into my day to day life.

Certain parts of my life such as my budget, relationship and health were really holding me back from fully putting myself out there. Working with Susan allowed me to really go deep into each area of my life and see what needed to change, whether it be mentally or physically.

Susan really held me and guided me into a clearer vision of what could be. I loved her visualisations! After going really deep into what I wanted for my life, I was able to really see it and was vibrating at a different level. Some of the things that shifted and came into my life were pretty magic, just by being guided in this way.

Thank you Susan. I recommend you to anyone who is ready to fully access their life and live fully and abundantly."

Cat McRad
Creator of The Cor Method

"I’ve done many courses over the years so wondered if I would really learn anything new from Awaken you.

I’m happy to report it was well worth diving into!

I felt really supported and connected going through the modules and had some significant ‘a-has’ with each and every one.

I’ve noticed I am now looking at the world from a different perspective, one free from the disempowering stories I subscribed to.

I feel uplifted and more self-directed.

Awaken you was a really enjoyable and enlightening experience delivered in easy to digest segments and Susan is present every step of the way.

Thank you Susan!"


“I have just completed Life Coaching with Susan and it has been the best thing I have ever done in my life.

I am just sorry it took me thousands and thousands of dollars, many self help courses, counseling, and psychologists, over a 30 year period, without any success – to get my life back after only 2 months coaching with Susan.

Before I started coaching, I was fairly dead inside and living a much compromised existence.

I felt that everything that happened to me and how I felt were outside my control and I blamed others for my circumstances and my unhappiness.

At night I would either overeat or drink alcohol to ease the void in my life.

My self esteem and confidence were at an all time low and I felt life was a huge struggle.

Enter Susan Mathew…

From the first session I felt hope, even though it was small.

Susan turned all of my negatives around and made me aware of the effect my negative mindset had on my life.

She empowered me to accept that I have the power to change my life, and that I have 100% control over how I choose to feel and at any time.

I learnt that my perfectionism was getting me in to trouble and learnt how to turn my negative behaviour into positive behavior.

I have just completed 2 months coaching and I am a new person without a doubt.

I am confident, happy, in control of life and have so much positive energy – thanks to Susan and her coaching methods and style.

I no longer compulsively eat and I am in control of alcohol.

I have a new life, a future and every day is filled with happiness and contentment.

My relationships have improved 100% and I am going out socialising with friends, something I didn’t do. I have taken up new challenges and I am a participator in life and not a spectator.

I would recommend that if you want to get the results that I have then you go no further and contact Susan.

You can either waste more time reading self help books, attending courses or you can get your life back now and call Susan.”

Western Victoria, Australia

Life coaching with susan allowed me to figure out how I could combine my interests and education to have a career that I will love.

With the right questions I realized I always knew what I wanted to do, but wasn't sure I was committed to taking those necessary steps.

Susan's coaching gave me the inspiration and tools to explore the possibilities that I can make it happen.

Along with a new career path I also found a new way of controlling emotions and focusing on the positive in life.

I highly recommend susan and a life coach and really enjoyed our sessions.

Thank you susan.

Nicole Neylon

Western Australia

“Hi Susan

Many thanks for the work you did with me the other night.  

Since our session, I have been finding that my decisions are clearer and I am taking active steps to de-clutter my mind and my surroundings and am already noticing that I have a far better sense of where I want to head than I did before our session.

For this I am very, very grateful – it is as though a fog has lifted and I have stepped into the light and can see the way forward.

Your insights and getting to the heart of the issues was fantastic and your compassionate approach made me feel at ease and free to challenge my beliefs – thank you.”


Sydney, Australia

"I had a number of reservations initially about “life coaching”.

Susan was recommended to me by my sister and a friend and I have had over six sessions now.

This experience is nothing that I had imagined it to be.

I appreciate how Susan challenges me to think about issues from different perspectives and to self reflect on my thought processes that are blocking me from achieving my goals.

I have received coaching from Susan in several areas such as career and fitness.

She has a bag of tricks for any situation which often result in “ah ha” moments for me.

I have already recommended her to a number of friends”.

Erin McKay

Health Professional

Perth, Australia

“Before I started my coaching sessions with Susan, I had always struggled with being completely honest about my feelings.

This had been happening for so long that I had stopped allowing myself to even HAVE feelings.

Through the coaching process I have now been able to get back in touch with this part of myself.

After having hidden my emotions for so many years, this feels very freeing!

I have now learnt to respond rather than react.

I now realize that I am now free to make my own decisions, and I now put myself and my wellbeing first and foremost.

I am very impressed and infinitely grateful for your help, Susan!”

Vera Zurcher

Tulum, Mexico

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