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Hi! I’m Susan

I am a certified Life Coach of 11 years, teacher of Manifestation, Reiki Practitioner and adventure lover!

At 36 years of age I swapped the 9-5 corporate world in Australia for a completely different life on the Caribbean Coast of Mexico, sipping coconuts under the palm trees, dancing salsa under the stars and running VIP manifestation intensives from the beach.

I saw a “glimpse” of this life while dancing around the house with headphones listening to music, and followed a strong inner guidance to move towards it - saying goodbye to an 11 year relationship, my full time job, my family and the familiar comforts of my home, all that I knew - to board a plane ticket to Mexico with just a backpack, a ton of nerves and a hopeful heart.

It led me to Tulum.

After documenting online the process of how I “accidentally” manifested my dream life (not once but repeatedly) to questions of “When are you going to teach this stuff!?” “When are you going to do a workshop, Susan!?"

...I began teaching the specific process that I've now used to help hundreds of others create their own narrative shift.

Through my intuitive style of coaching I help you to manifest the deepest expression of your life’s purpose.

It doesn’t matter if you are a “visual” person or not. We all receive intuitive guidance in whatever way it comes through for us, and I empower you to connect with and trust your own inner wisdom through powerful questions, the specific strategy that I teach, as well as sharing the visions and messages that I receive on your behalf.

There are multiple ways to work with me - through workshops, online group programs, in-person experiences in Tulum, Mexico and 1:1 VIP coaching and mentoring.

If you want to book me for an event or retreat in or outside of Tulum, please send me a message outlining the details of your event and I'll be in touch.

If you’re curious about how I can help, you reach out!

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