Give Yourself The Gift of Self-Love

“Love Yourself Tulum Experience” is my signature offer that takes place in a beautiful lagoon in Tulum, Mexico.

Many of my VIP clients began with this experience as it gave them a taster of working with me.

I created this experience when I was teaching a workshop at some hotels in Tulum, and I had a vision to expand it by getting people out into nature in a beautiful environment where we could combine the work we were doing into a nourishing, mind-body-soul experience with the clay from the lagoon.

The peaceful setting provides the perfect space for you to go within, and to let go.

In this 3 hour experience I'll hold space for you and take you through a process that will enable me to intuitively get straight to the heart of what is emerging in you.

You will walk away with a deeper understanding of what you are here for, and tools for how you can better love yourself.

What we'll do...

We will meet in tranquil jungle surroundings in downtown Tulum and get to know each other over a smoothie before making our way by private car transfer to a stunning vibrant turquoise lagoon where we will do our session together.

Enjoy the benefits of a mineral rich Mayan clay exfoliation found naturally in the lagoon that you can apply to yourself to uplift and rejuvenate your skin

Or grab a coconut drink and relax on the over water swings and hammocks.

At the conclusion of the tour we’ll meet our private transfer back to Tulum town.

Who is this experience for?

Most commonly solo travelers and couples do this experience, but we also get groups of friends, mothers & daughter and fathers & daughters



Exactly what I needed to bring in both the new year and my birthday. I have so much more clarity after my experience with Susan. Everything she said confirmed my thoughts and feelings exactly! I cried because I was so overwhelmed with happiness and relief! I did this with my boyfriend and I was so happy that we did. We shared our letters with eachother and it created such a bonding experience! I will be back in Tulum and I definitely will make this a priority again!

Deja, Jan 2022

Beautiful session in a beautiful location. Susan is thoughtful in her approach and equipped to talk through the processes and situation. Perfect way to close put 2021!

Sawkia, Dec 2021

My daughter and I did together and continue to talk about some of the helpful nuggets we took in that day. Susan was thoughtful, insightful and professional. I am still going through her recommended process and the dancing!! The location was amazing. Great photos Susan took of us. I got so much out of it, I met her the next day for a coaching session over coffee! Highly recommend!!

Barbara, Dec 2021

Definitely worth the experience, the value provided was tremendous. Susan’s story is powerful and inspirational. I went with my girlfriend, you can say we both go through anxiety and depression, Susan’s advice was very practical and helpful. Anyone on the fence about this please give it a try, you mix this experience with the natural vibe and beauty of Tulum you are in for a good time!

Jose, Nov 2021

Thank you so much for the love yourself experience. Glad I decided to go ahead with it on my last day in Tulum. It felt good to talk to someone who understood where I was coming from and thank you for sharing the four steps which I can use as a guide. It is inspiring that you are consciously creating the life you desire. I hope I am able to do the same in my own way 🙂 the lagoon was such a magical and peaceful place that added to the feeling of gratitude.

Pooja, Sep 2021

I booked this experience as a birthday gift to myself and I am so glad I did. Susan was a great listener and very thoughtful and intuitive with her responses. I was able to identify how to gain clarity on what I want and create an intentional inspired action on how to attain them. I left the experience feeling very excited, Inspired and more grounded. It was a lovely time well spent. The experience at the lagoon was a magical way to end the experience!

Samantha, Jul 2021

Susan was so amazing! I wanted my trip here for my birthday to about self love and enjoy another year around the sun! She was so gracious and her aura is amazing. The lagoon was more than beautiful and just a refresher to take time out to be mindful and meditate.

Ashley, Jul 2021

Everything I had hoped for!
This experience was very well put together from the magical locations that allowed me to shake off the old energy and bring calm to come over me before the journey began with the perfect meat up spot. The fresh water and smoothies were perfect prep for the day and gave our group an opportunity to get to know her a bit, get comfortable, relax and a bit excited. The final destination was just as magical! Susan took care with each guest individually and as a group. Her kind voice, tools and experiences all came together to show us how to continue loving on ourselves! Great experience!

Monique, Jul 2021

Susan is amazing. She helped me breakthrough some of the things that were blocking my future. Her attention to detail, warm, and thoughtful presence was perfect for a guided thoughtful conversation. The lagoon is so beautiful. You can feel it’s healing powers as you walk towards it.

Julian, Jul 2021

This experience was truly unique and amazing! Susan was very attentive to the blockages in my life and really helped me figure out how to envision my highest self. The guided journaling activity, beautiful lagoon and Mayan clay mask was exactly what I needed!

Monique, May 2021

I had an incredible experience with Susan. She taught me so much about manifestation and really focused on what I wanted and how I could achieve it. The lagoon was the perfect location, surrounded by the jungle, sounds of birds and crystal clear water. I highly recommend this experience when in Tulum!

Edith, May 2021

I had amazing experience with Susan. She really dived deep into what is currently blocking me, and gave me valuable tools on how to move forward in life without blocks.

Seychel, Apr 2021

Beautiful experience. Susan gave me very unique and personalized insight on how to understand what I want and how to get here. She helped me get more focused and feel at peace in this short amount of time. So much that I have decided to see her again. I would definitely recommend this experience.

Sarah, Apr 2021

Susan is a genuine and kind soul! The afternoon was perfectly balanced with beautiful surroundings and some helpful self reflection. I love Susan’s vibe and her energy. I highly recommend this experience to dive into more about yourself, and just be in beautiful nature.

Rachel, Apr 2021

This is a highly personal and invaluable experience I can only recommend. Even if you are already manifesting, there is still a lot to learn from Susan. The questions she asks, the tools she provides and the location are perfectly chosen. It's exactly what I needed. Susan knows what she is talking about. Definitely a life changing moment. <3

Thank you, Susan!

Roberto, Apr 2021

Susan is an amazing life coach. She is very empathic and professional but also make you feel very comfortable like you know each other for years! Our session with her helped me truly move forward with life. She has a versatile tool box that can help anyone gain clarity, make great change, and create next steps while having a supportive ear by your side. Taking us to this magical blue lagoon was just icing on the cake! Highly recommend 💖✨

Magdalena, Mar 2021

What a perfect experience to follow up the New Moon. Even if you have some experience manifesting, you will learn SO much more during your time with Susan. Within an afternoon Susan not only helped me get clear on what I wanted but why I wanted it facilitated me getting to the vibrational match of the feeling what I want will give me so I could feel that way now. She answered all of my questions so thoughtfully and also took such lovely photos of me at the lagoon (as I’m traveling alone, this was such an added treat.)

I can’t recommend this experience enough. If you’re in Tulum. You are called to book this experience.

August, Mar 2021

A highlight of my trip! I booked this experience to set the energy for my vacay with a close girlfriend to Tulum & Cancun after such a crazy 2020. We had both been focusing more in our self-love/self-care practice - as women in our mid-30s stuck in “the grind” - and were looking to lean in more on this trip. We met Susan with open minds and open hearts, and both walked away with a rewarding and uplifting experiences. Susan was accommodating to split the 4-hours to include individual one-on-one sessions with us both. She also took amazing photos of us at the lagoon (including one of me completely falling into the water attempting to get on the rope swing lol). I had minimal prior knowledge of manifestation, but had read about it previously and felt its principles resonate with my core beliefs of goal-setting and taking action to achieve dreams. My session with Susan propelled me to take the reins in specific areas of my life that are currently in flux. I also love that you walk away with a roadmap and tips to get started on the journey. Susan’s a kind and compassionate person, and intent listener. She’s got an amazing story as well, as most badass women do. :). We actually chose this experience over going to Papaya Playa beach club on our last Saturday afternoon in Tulum, and we didn’t feel FOMO, not even a little bit. If spiritual enlightenment is what you’re looking for, book this experience!

Rhea, Feb 2021

Words will do no justice for the incredible time spent with Susan. I booked the experience, had no expectations, I trusted it would be wonderful and it was far more fulfilling and powerful than I could have imagined!
Susan is kind, thoughtful, wise, and she truly cares about helping others.
She is a breath of fresh air and an inspiration! I had a major breakthrough during my time with her—it has changed my way of thinking, and for that, I am forever grateful.
Love yourself, and book a day with Susan!

Sara, Jan 2021

This was EXACTLY what I didn’t know I needed on my trip to Tulum. I randomly came across this on the app and wasn’t sure what to expect. This experience highly succeeded my expectations! Susan has it all planned out perfectly. It was such a fun and relaxing day. I left feeling so at ease and excited for life.

The mixture of sceneries from the Jungle vibe of Holistika to the calming blue/green waters of the lagoon is mind-blowing. This day had me so relaxed and peaceful. On top of that, the manifestation session with Susan was beyond. I’ve been studying manifestation and goal setting for a while but what Susan teaches is top-notch. She includes topics that many other coaches leave out or skip over.

I also traveled solo, so it was so nice to have the photos Susan took of me to take with me from this trip. She took photos throughout the process and I could not be more grateful! There is no better way to love up on yourself than taking the “Love Yourself Tour” with Susan. I promise you will not regret it! Book now before it’s too late!!

Katie, Jan 2021

This experience with Susan was an experience I got more out of than I expected. I was able to confirm and introduce new ideas and manifestation practices. Susan's personal manifestations and life experience is so relatable and awe inspiring. The meeting location had amazing smoothies. You spend enough time there to grab breakfast if you like. The lagoon portion was great and refreshing. The clay leaves your skin feeling baby smooth. Susan is warm, engaging and extremely knowledgeable. She was willing to answer all questions and explain in great detail. This experience is for anyone looking for the next step in their spiritual journey or if you want to learn how to see your dreams, hopes and wishes finally get to the manifestation stage.

Tasha, Jan 2021

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