Attune yourself to the frequency of love.

Whether you're partnered or not.


  • Being able to meet yourself in the lush-ness of your longing, and open your heart to it fully. Instead of letting it pull you into fear and disillusionment, you see this longing feeling as a sign that you are closer than you have ever been to your heart’s deepest desires, and you're redirecting that energy towards your own self-nurturing and growth.
  • The heartbreak you went through has transformed you in such a way that you wouldn’t even want to go back to who you were before. You’re so clear on who you are and what you want. You’re wiser, more compassionate, more humble, more self-aware. You’ve upgraded your standards, and you’re full of gratitude for the valuable lessons you’ve learnt. This breakup has cleared the path and put you in direct alignment to meet the partner who has also done the work on themselves that you’ve been putting in..
  • Instead of distrusting God/Spirit/The Universe and banging on the doors that close, you remember that all is always in Divine Order, and you trust that what is truly meant for you will never have to be chased or forced.
  • Instead of letting your past hurts create bitterness, resentment and distrust in men, you envelope yourself in compassion and forgiveness. Rather than closing your heart off to the masculine, you feel *more* love and appreciation for men, and a curiosity to understand men.
  • Conflict is a portal to even deeper understanding and closeness for you both. You have the skills to engage in vulnerable conversations where you both feel seen, heard and respected. You’re communicating in a way that creates connection and intimacy rather than disconnection and resentment.
  • You have the tools to process your emotions and calm your nervous system, so that when you feel triggered, you’re able to respond from a more empowered state instead of reacting from fear and saying something you may later regret
  • Being 100% clear on what you’re looking for, and confidently voicing this with someone you like, knowing that you authentically expressing your feelings and desires would never scare off the right person. You’re taking your time enjoying getting to know potential partners so that you can discern compatibility before rushing into physical intimacy and letting addictive impulses override your intuition.

Who is this program is for?

This is a program for the woman who’s heart's deepest longing, is to open to the experience of LOVE.

Are either of these you...?

  • You are ready to call in your Divine life partner, and begin aligning yourself with this union. You know that you’re worthy of a deeply fulfilling partnership with someone who you feel aligned with physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, but the men you’ve been attracting haven’t matched up with this, and you’re wondering... When's it going to happen for me!?
  • You are healing from a breakup and you want support with how to make peace with your past, so you can move forward and open your heart to life and love again.
  • You’re in an existing relationship and you wish to deepen your connection with your partner. Perhaps there's been a disconnect between you, and you haven’t been able to create the level of intimacy that you desire to experience with them. Or - you may feel in your heart that this relationship has no future, and you're seeking clarity on how to best proceed, or the courage to bring it to a completion.

This program will support you in aligning yourself with the frequency of love.

Regardless of whether you’re in a partnership or not.

While the process of aligning ourselves with the person we desire to share our life with IS a part of the process...

The core focus of Dance With Love is in supporting you to connect with the well of love that exists within yourself.

Where you recognize that you are the source of this love, and you can connect with it any time you wish to.

Through your devotion to nurturing this love in your own life, you will meet partners not from a place of lack, but as a reflection of the love that is present and alive within you.

Love is very much like a dance.

One minute we can be floating in all the blissed up feels of an exciting new romance.

Then when the partner is no longer there, we might be feeling emptiness, longing, or heartbreak.

Even when we *are* in a relationship….

Sometimes we feel fully in tune with our partner

There's an effortless flow of understanding, empathy and connection. You both communicate openly and honestly, and you both feel seen, heard, desired and supported by each other.

And sometimes we're gonna be out of sync with each other, or out of sync with ourselves.

There’s a disconnect between you, misunderstandings, miscommunications and conflict, maybe some distance.
It can feel like you’re on different wavelengths, struggling to connect or communicate with each other.

We can go from feeling present, relaxed and trusting, to being fixated on what’s wrong with us, and what's lacking.

Being attuned to the human experience of love does not mean you have to be plugged into a constant state of bliss and ecstasy

We may think of love as a feeling - all the "highs".

But being attuned to love through our human experience of duality does not mean being plugged into a constant state of bliss and ecstasy

All of those feeling states have an opposite polarity.

The deeper we know love, the deeper we will know grief.

There are a whole range of feelings that make up the spectrum of the "human" experience of love…

Loss, grief, lack, absence, longing, loneliness, disconnection, fear, abandonment, betrayal, disappointment, unworthiness - are just some of those feelings.

Only when we feel safe to hold ourselves in the opposite polarity of what we don’t want, are we able to fully open ourselves to what we want.

Which is why it’s a dance.

In this intimate three month journey, you will be lovingly supported to meet yourself in all parts of the dance.

You'll be guided in how to keep your heart open to life, love and to the blessings that are coming your way, when your habitual urge is to close off.

You will learn tools for how to ground and center yourself into a space of calmness and trust, no matter what you are moving through.

You will learn how to connect with the infinite fountain of love within, that's always available within you.

Want to join us?

The Program

Month One – Union With Yourself

Making peace with your past
Elimination to integration - radical self-acceptance as your greatest liberation
The lusciousness of longing
Aligning yourself with the frequency of love

Month Two - Union With Your Partner

Calling in Love - Crafting your relationship blueprint
Wounds to wisdom - healing trauma and transforming recurring patterns
The artistry of authentic communication + intimacy
Conflict to connection -  creating closeness through the dance of conflict

Month Three – Union With The Divine

Embracing your own Divinity and creating a foundation of peace through your relationship with the Divine
Surrendering control and cultivating trust in times of fear and lack
Bringing love into action through ritual and ceremony
Devotion to your sacred purpose and creative mission

How it works...

Live Weekly Coaching Calls

Every week there will be a LIVE group call where you have the opportunity to be coached by Susan.

The call will be 90 minutes in duration, but it's recommended that you aside two hours to be on the safe side.

The calls will take place every Friday at 5.30pm EST

5.30pm New York / 4.30pm Cancun / 3.30pm Los Angeles / 7.30am (Saturday) Melbourne

If for any reason you cannot make a call, all calls will be recorded and uploaded for you to access after the session.

Private Online Community

Outside of the coaching calls, you will also be given access to a private Facebook community group where we will do all of our sharing and connecting with each other throughout the entire three month period.

Private Membership Portal

You will receive access to all of the course content including worksheets, audio recordings and call replays through a private membership portal

When do we start?

We start on the new moon on the 6th June!

What is the investment?

The investment is 555 USD

Alternatively you can pay in three monthly installments of 222 USD

Early sign-up bonus 🥳

The first 5 women to join and pay in full will receive a 90 minute private 1:1 coaching session with Susan

Through 14 years of coaching, Susan has empowered over a thousand people to navigate the highs and lows of love, drawing upon her belief that love - like dance - is a journey of trust, presence and connection, fueled by the energy that we bring.

Clients rave about the profound sense of lightness they experience after working with Susan. Through her popular self-love program, she has inspired countless women to courageously reopen their hearts and reignite the abundant love that exists within themselves, to then meet partners who reflect that love.

Susan's journey took a bold turn when she followed a vision that emerged one day while dancing, that lured her to the vibrant music, colors, flavors, of Latin America.   It was here - through Latin dancing in particular - where she found that her own self-expression opened up immensely, sparking a renewed inspiration to help others access more of their own aliveness.

Having experienced her own share of heartaches, Susan understands the temptation to close off one's heart in the face of disappointment. Yet, she firmly believes that it is through vulnerability and staying open, that endless possibilities, love and miracles find their way to us.

"Susan was with me not only in the present form, but also in the spiritual realms.  I was so elated by her ability to open such a beautiful space of healing and allowing everything to flow so fluidly, guiding you to ask yourself so many valid questions, allowing you to not only stand in your power but to seek more of yourself in love  and to have fun and allow your inner child to explore.

Do yourself a favor and reach out to Susan as she has everything it takes to let you continue on your spiritual path to healing and growth.

I will forever be elated in love for the experiences I had with Susan."

Robin G
California, USA

"When I first started with Susan I was tired, broken, and stuck. 

The shift in my mindset that occurred while working with Susan was remarkable. 

I began to come out of the dark place that I was in and gravitate towards the light. 

I let go of all of the things that tied me down to an unhappy life and began to manifest all that I wanted my life to truly be. 

I left a job that I could not stand to have to wake up and go to every morning, began focusing on my well-being, shifted my mindset, and started the process of ridding negativity from my life. 

Susan supported and guided me through this entire process. 

Today I can say that I am genuinely happy. 

I have a job that I love, my health and fitness is currently the best its been in my entire life, I have fostered amazing relationships, and overall I finally feel free from my old life. 

I realized that I can magnetize anything I want, and when you want a total transformation you have to be willing to do the hard work. 

Not every day is going to be easy, but Susan taught me that there is a lot to learn about yourself in those hard moments. 

To finally experience true happiness, gratitude, and love is something I wish all could experience. 

For me, it all started with my first meeting with Susan."

Amanda Yannarelli
New York

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