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You  Are  The  Co-Creator  Of  Your  Reality

What are you here to create?

Through this workshop we look at the following...

Where is there currently resistance in your life?
What are you being called to experience?
What are you being initiated into?

We will get crystal clear on...

What you are moving into in this next phase of your life
What that will look like for you
What actions need to be taken to align with that reality

We focus on your energy and how to shift your frequency to become a vibrational match to the desired experience

You will make peace with your past so that you stop having to repeat the same cycles from the past and learn the same lessons.

This is not a workshop for how to “get what you want”.

The process that I have always shared, is about bringing into reality what is truly meant for you.

I teach the principles that come from my own embodied experience, that have continually brought success in creating change in my own life and for others.

This process requires an awareness that you are in a process of co-creation with the Divine. Sometimes the unfolding of your life will not look the way you might have expected, and there may be certain components that need to fall apart so that what is truly meant for you can fall into place.

I'll guide you in how to remain open and in flow with the events that are unfolding in your life, so that you're not trying to create from a place of resistance and force.



Private manifestation intensives can be done in-person here in Playa Del Carmen or Tulum, Mexico or online.

The workshop is 90 minutes for a 1:1 session and longer for group bookings.

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Align  With  What  Is  Truly  Meant  For  You

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