When Your Life Is Out Of Balance

When your life is out of balance, it is a wake up call to make some changes.

Yesterday morning I had a personal training session here in Tulum, and today I am really feeling it…..

But I actually really love that feeling the day after a workout, of the activation of muscles that aren’t normally being worked! (hey there, abs 😊)

Back in Australia I was doing some cardio exercise almost every day, either on the treadmill, running or cycling.

I have since had to adapt to a new environment, and it has really been a challenge for me as the Caribbean humidity just hasn’t had me wanting to move enough.

I have definitely noticed the difference – my energy levels have decreased, and I haven’t been getting the hit of endorphins and productivity boost that I would get from working out.

I lost a lot of my muscle and lost a lot of weight.

I have even been drinking Coke – and I NEVER drink fizzy drinks! Loss of electrolytes through sweat combined with a lack of energy has had me craving sugar.

Having always been a health conscious person, it didn’t take me long to realise that I needed to make a change.

Being out of balance is something that happens to the best of us – it happens to all of us.  We go through ebbs and flows – it’s a part of life, and is completely okay, just as long as you don’t stay there.

If you have noticed that things have become out of balance in your life, check in with yourself and get clear on what are the first few steps you need to take to get yourself back into alignment.

Life is much more difficult when we take action from a place of being out of alignment.  Things take longer, more effort is required, and we come up against struggle after struggle.

When you are in alignment, life flows more easily.  Things connect more easily when you are in your strength, flow and power.

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