Remember Who You Are

For a while, I forgot who I was.

I lost touch with what I was here to do.

I had somehow found myself deeply ingrained into a life of routine but felt so stuck that I couldn’t seem to shake myself out of it.

It wasn’t me. Pretty much anyone who knows me knows that I’m always going out on adventures, working on projects and living life to the full.

I’m not the sort of person to get stuck in a rut.

I started to think about all of the places that I wanted to travel to and how I was going to fit that into 4 weeks of annual leave per year. It depressed the hell out of me and I realised that my free-spirited soul was never going to be happy being boxed into that old-paradigm kind of lifestyle.

But because I didn’t have a plan, I felt so stuck that it was almost paralysing.

I’d lost the connection with my big reason “Why?”

The problem I was facing was that I had built so much comfort around myself that I began to question whether I could be prepared to trade in security and stability for a life of unknowns.

I had a nice car, a beautiful home with treasured furniture that I had collected over the years, and a secure job.

I felt settled in the world of physical comforts, but unsettled in the spirit.

The life that I was living didn’t feel like it was aligned with my mission and a purpose.

I saw beyond a commercial world and envisioned a space where I could deepen further into my Life Coaching work helping others.

So I began creating the time and space to listen to my inner guidance – I did this process every day.

And Tulum, Mexico was calling me VERY strongly and clearly – which has now been my home for the past six months.

We MUST commit to giving ourselves the time priority to tap into our source of passion from within.

That passion will give you the drive to go after what you’d really love to experience in your life.

Because when you hear the song that your soul wants to sing, you will know what moves to make.

The first module of my 7 week Awaken You online program is all about how to create space for yourself to get clear on what you want, and how to listen to your intuitive guidance.

Even if your inner fire has been dormant for years – I can help you to reignite it and reconnect you with what your heart truly wants.

PM me to join or to find out more.

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