How Journalling Created My Dream Life

There are two types of journal entries that I do.  One is a “reality” entry, and the other is a “dream” entry.

The reality entry is what I guess you would call standard journalling. It’s where I write about what is actually happening in my life.  I’ll use it to help process my feelings – both the good and the bad, what I have learnt –  and also gratitude lists.

The other type of entry I do is what I call the “dream entry”.

The dream entry is a visualisation. I’ll take some time to reflect on what I want to call into my life, and write down what I see. I am a visual person, so this has always been an easy process for me.

Last year, I consciously focused on the type of place that I wanted to live in.  I didn’t have a timeframe in mind – it could have been ten years away.  I just wanted to imagine and describe my own version of Utopia.

I pulled out my journal and started writing what I could see and feel:

“I am living somewhere close the to beach, somewhere warm and tropical…

There is music, dancing on the beach, passion, fun, deep + meaningful connections with others…

I am living simply, connecting with nature every day, watching sunsets, spending time in + near the ocean…

I am well nourished and eating lots of fresh foods…”

I had no idea where this place even was – or even which continent it would be.  But I knew it existed.  I wanted to live in a place where dancing was a normal way of life, and not just something that people do at weddings or in nightclubs.  Where nature is worshipped over TV screens.  Where the pace is a little slower… And where simplicity replaces busyness.

Six months since I wrote that entry, I am now living in that place.  The vision that I created is now my reality.

There are probably many other places like this in the world, but after writing that journal entry I followed a series of hunches and connections, and my intuition led to where I am now living, in Tulum, Mexico.

Each time I go back and read the “dream” entries, I am blown away by how much of it I have manifested into my life.  Many of these entries match up with my reality exactly to the tee – from the opportunities that have fallen into my lap, adventures I have been on, people I have met, the way I want to be treated and the way I want to feel.

I have included journalling in my upcoming 7 week program, Awaken You, because visualisations work – it’s how I designed my life. When you record your visions in written word and/or images, you give energy to them – which is why journalling can be so powerful when done strategically.

So if you aren’t journalling yet, it’s time to get started!

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