Are You Prepared For What You Want?

When we ask for something, it doesn’t always come in the time frame that we expect it.

If we’re manifesting something big, we can feel really challenged and tested.
It can feel like things aren’t working out.
The universe isn’t listening…
Maybe you even feel like you’re being punished and denied what you want.

Whenever I’m feeling impatient I ask myself, can I honestly and truly say that I’m prepared for what I want?
It’s a really good question to ask if you want to tap into your manifesting powers and feel less passive in getting what you want.
If I realise that I’m not truly ready, I give thanks for having the opportunity to keep working on getting my shit together.

It doesn’t come when we’re not prepared, or maybe not in the way that we expect.
And I think this is a good thing. Do you really want something you are unprepared for? I know I don’t.

If you think about some of the unexpected ways that your life might change if you were to get exactly what you’ve been asking for right now (or better) how might you need to change?
Maybe you need to be more organized or disciplined, increase your fitness, overhaul your diet, or learn a new skill.

Big changes require a different version of ourselves, and when we’re not clear on how we need to change, we can self-sabotage and create delays.

If you’re still getting your shit together, don’t worry. We all are!

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