Facilitated by Susan Mathew

For Women Who Are Ready To Live Their
Truest Self Expression

Hi! I’m Susan.

My mission is to help women who are feeling unfulfilled and stuck, to come back into their true selves, where they feel fully expressed and alive again in all parts of their life.

Women come to me when they notice the passion or spark has been missing in their life.

I know this place well – because I was once there too!

Where everything on the ‘outside of life’ supposedly looks okay, but deep down, I knew that something was missing from my life.

I had stopped growing, I had lost my sparkle.

After digging deep and coming into alignment with myself, I made a LOT of radical changes.

At 36 years of age I left my long term love, my secure job, my beloved home, my home town and all of it’s familiar comforts – and I set out to meet myself, again.

Armed with only a backpack and a tender, hopeful heart – I left all that I knew to find a new way, find the ‘new’ me.

And I realised the new me was actually the ‘true’ me that was there all along, when I let go of who I thought I needed to be.

Fast forward to today, and I now live and work from the beach in Mexico – where I work with women from all over the world and help them to create change in their lives.

This is me living my life in full alignment.

Your desired changes may look completely different and may not be as radical as mine, but if you feel moved by my words at all, I’d love to connect.

I can help.

I share my stories to remind you that you can find you, or create you, or live you – in all of your truth.

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Let’s connect,

Follow Your Heart.

Step Into Your Truth.

Honour Your Dreams.

What kind of women journey through Awaken You?

Women come to work with me when they know that something needs to shift and be re-awakened in their life, even if they're not sure exactly what that is yet

They have stopped growing, or they might be questioning the direction their life is heading in

They may have lost some of their individuality after being in a long-term relationship, and are wanting to reconnect with themselves and reignite their own inner spark

They might be doing work that doesn’t really light them up or give them the freedom and impact that they desire

They usually have big dreams on their heart, but self-doubt has held them back from taking the next step to making that dream a reality for themselves

Can you imagine...

  • Knowing exactly what lights up your soul, and intently creating your life from this place
  • Having full belief in your ability to manifest what you desire
  • Doing fulfilling and engaging work that makes the best use of your talents, passions, experience and gifts AND being rewarded abundantly for it
  • Confidently upholding your boundaries
  • Speaking your truth and showing up authentically in the world, in your relationships, and with yourself
  • Having an easy to digest, step-by-step guided process to bring each part of your life into alignment with this version of yourself

I'll help you to become this version of yourself

This is the exact process that I took myself through when I transformed my own life

When it comes to making big life changes, I know all the feels.

Questioning if what you're doing is "right", feeling lost, overwhelmed, and learning to believe in yourself and your magic.

The deep knowing that there is loads more life inside of you than what you are currently giving yourself permission to share with the world

I've been there.

And I’ll help to guide you through even step of this journey.

Together we’ll explore each area of your life and create a specific action plan to align these areas

By the end of our 7 weeks of journeying together, you will have deepened into a version of yourself that feels aligned, feels authentic, and feels like the REAL you.

Step Into The Next Level Version Of Yourself

Here's what you'll get...

  • 7 week process where you get to deep dive into all parts of your life and examine what's working and what isn't working
  • Direct support from me through messaging / voice notes
  • Access to a private membership site for six months
  • A weekly delivery to your inbox of each course module
  • Worksheets, videos and guided meditations
  • Inspiration whenever you need it AND the ability to be able to do this together from wherever you are in the world
  • Support from an experienced coach, lover of life and someone who is leading by example!

This process works.

I have combined all of my skills, training and experience from the last 10 years in coaching and mentorship, intuitive guidance and channeling, to a decade of personal development work through books, workshops, courses, seminars and retreats and my own life experience.

I am committed to the continual expansion of my own growth and evolution so that I can lead and inspire others.

I walk my talk.

I live what I teach.

I know this process works.  I have already taken myself as well as leading many other women through the same process and they've created some beautiful shifts in their lives.

You can read some of their testimonials below.


"When I first started working with Susan, I was stuck in patterns of lack and low self worth.

I had great idea/s for a business I wanted to create, but each time I started to work on it, I would get those creeping doubts set in and start to wonder why I was bothering at all.

I was letting my self beliefs run the show and not living at my highest potential.

Through working with Susan, I was able to come back to the fundamental principles of self care, self belief and just giving things a go.

Susan encouraged me to keep moving through fear and making the steps to create the life I want.

Susan has helped me to keep believing in myself and to keep doing the things I do best.

I have learnt that the work life balance is a myth and if you are loving your work - then it doesn’t feel like ‘work’ at all. It is just part of your big bold life.

Susan is a caring, grounded and compassionate coach who can quickly bring you back to yourself, to cut through the stories and bring you back to who you are and what the next step is for you - all from her Mexican villa!

Thank you Susan x"

Chloe Hild

"Susan! You are an amazing human.

I love how you are a mix of softness and wisdom, it made me feel so supported and trusting of you in our sessions.

I was always able to unravel all that I was feeling even though I have always had problems expressing myself.

Things were stuck and you helped me move them.

I felt energised and excited after EVERY session with you.

You helped me find my passion, my confidence and my clarity.

You held the light for me so I could see where I was and where I wanted to go.

I’m forever grateful "

Ayse Ali

"I began working with Susan to clear some blocks that were preventing me from fully expressing myself in my life and business.

What I loved about working with Susan was the space she held for my exploration to take place and the clarity she brought into the sessions that I was not able to see.
Her process not only works to deepen you into your true self, it is also nurturing, compassionate and supportive.

I came out of my sessions feeling lighter, more certain and confident, which could be felt by people around me.

I now see that my change is permanent and it’s having such a wonderful impact in my personal life and my business.

Thank you, Susan!"

Jackie Katsikis
Founder and Lead Facilitator of the Roar Journey

"When I first started working with Susan I was feeling quite stuck and low in energy.

After starting to work with Susan I was able to move through whatever was going on for me and started to feel a bit lighter each week.

I was able to get unstuck and back to feeling connected to myself again.

Susan holds a really beautiful, non-judgemental space for you to fully drop in and let go of whatever is holding you back.

I’ve loved working with Susan so far and if you’re feeling stuck I highly encourage you to reach out to her."

Michella Vornovaty
Emotion And Energy Clearing Practitioner

"When I started working with Susan I was about to launch my business. At the time I was feeling excited about my future but I couldn’t see how it ‘fit’ into my day to day life.

Certain parts of my life such as my budget, relationship and health were really holding me back from fully putting myself out there. Working with Susan allowed me to really go deep into each area of my life and see what needed to change, whether it be mentally or physically.

Susan really held me and guided me into a clearer vision of what could be. I loved her visualisations! After going really deep into what I wanted for my life, I was able to really see it and was vibrating at a different level. Some of the things that shifted and came into my life were pretty magic, just by being guided in this way.

Thank you Susan. I recommend you to anyone who is ready to fully access their life and live fully and abundantly."

Cat McRad
Creator of The Cor Method

"I’ve done many courses over the years so wondered if I would really learn anything new from Awaken you.

I’m happy to report it was well worth diving into!

I felt really supported and connected going through the modules and had some significant ‘a-has’ with each and every one.

I’ve noticed I am now looking at the world from a different perspective, one free from the disempowering stories I subscribed to.

I feel uplifted and more self-directed.

Awaken you was a really enjoyable and enlightening experience delivered in easy to digest segments and Susan is present every step of the way.

Thank you Susan!"


You CAN Have What You Want

I am living, breathing proof that you can take a dream and turn it into your waking reality.

I live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, and spend my days doing the things that nourish my soul.

This includes both work AND play.

I get to work with people from around the world helping them to change their lives, and in my play time I go salsa dancing, swim in the ocean, eat beautiful food, meet new people and try out new adventures and experiences.

I deliberately created my life this way.

Your ideal life might look completely different to mine. Whatever you desire, I will take you through the same process that I took myself through.

I believe in you, and I will support, encourage, celebrate and champion you in every way that I can.

The Program

Module 1 – Create The Space

Module 1 is where we create the space to look at your current frustrations, and tune into the  parts of yourself that are calling to be awakened and more fully expressed.

We start by awakening the heart fire and rekindling your inner spark.  You will begin to reconnect with the real you.  You may rediscover some lost parts of yourself or old forgotten passions.

You have been drawn to this program because something in your life is no longer working. You’re not feeling full in life, and you know that something has been missing.

Your intuitive nudges are calling for your attention, and I will help you create the space to listen.

Module 2 – Clarify Your Vision

Module 2 is where you get to create a powerful vision for the kind of life that your soul really, truly desires to experience.

Through a beautiful guided meditation we are going to go on a journey into all parts of your life, to help you tap into and express these parts of you.

This module is about giving permission. You will learn to feel okay with being in an authentic relationship with your truth. I will help you give yourself permission to feel into your deepest desires and get crystal clear on what you want to create in your life.

Module 3 – Uplevel Your Relationships

In this module, I take you through a process of what it would be like to be in relationship fully with yourself AND with others.

We are going to uncover and shift the limiting beliefs that are currently not supporting you, and we will also heal any childhood wounds that are creating hidden patterns of self-sabotage and holding you back from bringing your relationships to a deeper level.

We’re going to get you feeling really good about your self-esteem, and feeling worthy to be living your life from a full place of loving and accepting yourself.

Module 4 – Love The Work You Do

This module explores your service in the world, and we will go through a process of bringing you into deeper alignment with the work you are doing.

The purpose of this module is for you to be doing meaningful and engaging work that energizes you and gives you the level of fulfilment you desire, whether that be in your own business, through finding your dream job,  or stepping things up in your existing work.

We will go deep into your passions, skills and talents, and identify where you can make the biggest impact.

We will also explore and clear any limiting beliefs or fears that are holding you back from doing this work.

Module 5 – Your Money Mindset

This module is all about your relationship with money.

You'll learn how to develop a positive relationship with money, where you feel good about giving AND receiving

I will guide you through the process of elevating your money vibration and how to align yourself the frequency of abundance.

We will also explore and clear any abundance blocks that are present, and ensure that your money beliefs support, rather than hinder what you desire.

Module 6 – Activate Your Bliss

Module 6 is all about becoming a vibrational match for your deepest desires.

We'll examine what is holding you back from feeling confident to show up in the world fully expressed as your vibrant, radiant self.

I’ll teach you how to embody the life that you want to be living – the flavours, creations, adventures – ALL of the joy and bliss that you desire!

The purpose of this module is to help you believe in yourself so that you feel confident and clear about what you are here to do in the world.

We’re going to identify and challenge any limiting beliefs, stories and conditioning around your worthiness to be living your best possible life.


Module 7 – Launch Your Identity

This is where we integrate all of the new parts of yourself that you have connected with, by bringing it all together into a path that is fully aligned with how you want to be living your life.

In this module we go into detail of the practical application of how to make this new life your reality, and we look at all of the little shifts that you need to make that will allow you to step into your new identity.

We take a look at what support you need, what skills you need to develop and who you need to have on your team.

You will know exactly what to focus your energy on. You will see and feel it all coming together – and it will feel amazing!

I always thought being independent meant that I could do everything on my own.  Yet I found myself stuck in the same position year after year.  Frustrated and wondering what I was doing wrong.

By far, the biggest growth periods I have had are the times when I have invested in myself and hired a mentor.

Why?  Because we can't see our own blind spots.  And if there's someone who has already done for themselves what you're wanting to do, who can show you a simpler way of doing it while holding you accountable, why wouldn't you?


I don’t want anything to get in your way of making the decision to commit to yourself – I know how much it means to you to break free and create the life you truly want to be living.

If you still have any hesitations about saying yes to your dreams, this might ease your mind. Please know that I offer a 14 day money back guarantee on the program.

If you have completed the modules and done the work, and for any reason you feel unsatisfied with the value you are getting from the program, I will refund your money back to you. This is my commitment to your freedom.


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